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Solar Technology

The Future Of Construction Is Composite Energy Building Technology In Combination With Clean Energy For A Clean Planet

Galexa has partnered with the SolteQ Group, the world‘s leading manufacturer of sustainable solutions for clean energy generation and premium energy roofs. We employ more than 250 people around the world in over 15 companies worldwide. For 35 years we have also been active in wind power technology, drinking water production and safety technology for ecological and environmentally friendly energy generation.

Our vision is to decentralize power networking and make home owners independent of energy suppliers and clean them of fossil fuels with the help of clean energy. To develop high-quality technologies to contribute to a clean environment and better quality of life for all inhabitants of our planet. With every m2 of SolteQ solar roof we come closer to this goal.

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Sonnen Battery Power Management

Galexa Homes-SolteQ Solar Roof Tiles

Rockwool Insulation R24 in walls and R30 in roof

Lutron Wireless Systems

Trane/Mitsubishi Ductless HVAC

DMF LED Lighting

Start 500 sf